Operation scheme

The power source of the machine is a high-frequency stream generator that is powered by a fan. Streams of air, produced by the generator and organized in a certain way, force the scanning of a grain flow, which falls from vibration through a bunker-feeder.

As the result of this process, the separation of the grain takes place depending on the relative density of the grain and the state of its surface. The division of the particulate material into fractions is carried out thereby.

This method of separation provides a multiple flexible approach to each of the particles of the separating flow and ensures high-quality, precise multi-fractional separation of different cultures. The process affects grain of simple form and more complicated and distorted ones as well.

The worked-out air flow (aspiration) carries out the dust and light impurities (husks, straw etc.). Therefore, the aspiration flow should be directed into the sedimentary camera, cyclone, or strait to the atmosphere.

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