Grain-cleaning machine “Almaz”

– aerodynamic separator of new generation

Separating machine MC-40/20
Separating machine MC-50/30
Separating machine MC-100/70

The Private Enterprise Industrial Company “Agrotech” presents to the breeding stations, farms, grain storage enterprises, fodder factories, mills, and all those who are engaged in the processing of grain crops, the sieveless aerodynamic machine “Almaz”, the application of which enables you to obtain high-quality food grains and excellent sowing materials preparation that increase the yield up to 30-35%.

The machine “Almaz” represents a new method of separation that is based on the principles of the stream (jet) technique and aerodynamic lows , which allows for the separation of the source material according to its relative density with high preciseness.

The functions that were executed by 3 or 4 machines within one technological line, – all of these mechanisms can be now replaced by “Almaz”. For one processing pass, this machine can clean and allocate seeds by their relative density and divide them into independent fractions. The first fraction consists of heavy impurities (stones and hard substances), the second and third are of seeds with the highest relative density, and the fourth and fifth fractions are of seeds with the lowest relative density.

“Almaz” is capable of processing small-seeds cultures (lucerne, popper, rape) and oats, barley, wheat, maize, peas, and many other cultures and bulk materials as well.

“Almaz” has the following advantages:

  • it does not damage the grain;
  • has a low energy consumption level (from 1.2 KW/hour to 37.25 KW/hour, depending on the machine’s productivity);
  • reliability and durability due to design simplicity (absence of cinematic schemes and lubricant points);
  • it does not require maintenance;
  • it is capable of producing products of any level of humidity and impurity;
  • high operating efficiency (it does not require expensive maintenance, there is no need for selection and replacement of the sieves for every type of grain, there is no necessity for careful and long cleaning after usage, and it can recoup itself within just one season).

“Almaz” has high technological potential, and is capable of:

  • separating the mixture of wheat and barley (up to 60% for one operation);
  • selecting the peas damaged by bruchus (Bruchus pisorum);
  • cleaning 100% of the seeds of wheat, barley and other crops from seeds of wild oats (Avéna fátua);
  • separating rotten corn from healthy corn (dry);
  • separating grain in the air flow while simultaneously drying the seeds (up to 2% per passing);
  • selecting from the row crop the most viable (biological valuable) and productive grains;
  • raising the class of grain mass (selecting feed fraction and increasing the quality level of the grain);
  • working as a grouts separator on the grouts-mills.
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Separating machine MC-40/20
The food grain processing productivity – 40 tons/hour
The seeds processing productivity – 20 tons/hour
Separating machine MC-50/30
The food grain processing productivity – 50 tons/hour
The seeds processing productivity – 30 tons/hour
Separating machine MC-100/70
The food grain processing productivity – 100 tons/hour
The seeds processing productivity – 70 tons/hour